Plato’s Twilight Zone

I’m not sure what to make of this animated version of Plato’s Cave, which I nicked off Orwellwasright. Please visit his blog so I can salve my conscience. The narrator has the distinct tones of Rod Serling introducing an episode of The Twilight Zone, adding a surreal twist to what is in essence a fairly creepy science fiction scenario. Who are these unknown aliens keeping mankind chained in delusion?

For the answer I must leave you in the capable hands of David Icke and Our Lizard Overlords. In the meantime, enjoy the allegory of your enslavement.

3 thoughts on “Plato’s Twilight Zone

  1. Interesting visuals. I would have liked to see to the end but our download is limited and it froze halfway through. I like the narrator! And you’re right, he has the gravitas of Rod Serling. I haven’t been keeping up with posts and comments lately because I’m writing my own science fiction. Why, I don’t know. But I have to see it through. I’ll be back 🙂

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