TED Talks: Richard Dawkins on militant atheism

A weekly post featuring talks by innovative thinkers, sponsored by TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). This is what the internet was made for – to allow challenging ideas to escape from their academic ghettoes and hang out in a place where they can talk to each other.

That mischievous chap, Richard Dawkins, puts the cat among the pigeons by conflating atheism with belief in evolution. His point is that an understanding of evolution almost inevitably subverts religious belief, even when that belief accepts the process of evolution. It’s refreshing to see a phrase used pejoratively by religionists, even some some atheists, gleefully and provocatively thrown back in their faces. Dawkins covers a lot ground in this entertaining talk, from the real obstacles atheists face in public acceptability to a clarion call for them to come out of the church and celebrate the glory of science. He goes for the jugular: Let’s all stop being so dammed respectful.

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