Yes, but is it Art?

The act of cropping and framing the photo seems to define it as “art,” yet it’s the same image as the one seen in a larger context. I don’t spend much time thinking about art as a category of human experience because the whole visual world is an amazing thing. If art is anything, it’s a way of seeing and arranging bits of the world that says something new, something never seen before. Literature and drama do the same with words and ideas.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Yes, but is it Art?

  1. art, artificial, kunst, kunststuff… who knows. what isn’t a projection in this world? what artistic projection doesn’t have its own kind of beauty–if only at times in the eyes of its creator.

    • I agree. But don’t you think it’s odd how a thing can be defined as art purely because of context. Put a museum matte frame round my bit of rusty trawler hull and it stakes a claim to art. Put an unmade bed or a urinal in an art gallery, and it becomes art.

      I’m not dissing Tracey Emin, Duchamp, or my trawler hull, which I think is beautiful, merely suggesting that an artist’s vision generally remains a vision until it it takes on the accessories of art. Like an orb and sceptre, they bestow the title.

      • i don’t know that it’s odd really. everything is defined within some sort of context. that’s how our minds work. personally, i can’t think of anything that isn’t some how defined contextually. maybe it’s odd that the concept of art is assigned to certain things. maybe why people to assign the concept of art to certain things has to do with lots of different motives: to show these things in a different light maybe, or to inflate their value. who knows. speculating about people’s motives can be amusing and fruitful at times, but i generally find it more of a wild goose chase than anything else…

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