Daily Video: Tatoue-moi & Amadeus

Thanks be to Thoughts on Theatre, for posting Tatoue-moi a couple of days. I should have credited the inspiration at the time I posted this, but forgot to do so. My apologies to Thoughts on Theatre.

A French rock opera about Mozart, which makes perfect sense. The man was obviously a rock star in his time. Some unintentionally funny subtitles – I particularly liked, “I want to engrave all of my lust on your gilding.” I recommend Amadeus for a lipsmacking account of Mozart’s life. Tom Hulce is brilliant in the title role, with that subversive, maniacal giggle. You can see why Salieri might have been royally pissed-off, though I can’t vouch for the film’s historical accuracy. It’s a glorious romp, and rock stars are created, not born.

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