Putrid Poetry Award

As threatened promised, here is the Beautiful Railway Bridge Award for Putrid Poetry. This version is suitable for proud recipients to display in their posts. The detail would be lost on a sidebar, so I’m designing a simpler version for there.

ayaladn and John McCallum (see Putrid Poetry: A Wee Ballad), you can now right-click the image and resize it for your blogs, and many thanks for kicking off this award. Please note that you do not have to wait for me to nominate your blog for this prestigious honour. If you already know you are a putrid poet, download the award, and/or pass it on to your deserving colleagues. Indeed, if you don’t wish to receive the award, I am open to bribery. An envelope stuffed with cash will do nicely. Unfortunately, Beautiful Railway Bridge is unable to accept credit cards at this time.

And here is the sidebar version, weighing in at 201 x 76 pixels, but also resizable.

6 thoughts on “Putrid Poetry Award

  1. interestingly enough, the german word for art is “kunst” the german word for plastic is “kunststuff” 😉

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