Dotty Headbanger Award

I’m surprised and delighted to receive the Dotty Headbanger Award For Being Mental & Loving It. Recipients are awarded this honour for partaking of Dotty’s blog, Notes From A She-Hermit, which reaches parts other blogs don’t even know exist. Think of it as an unbirthday present, where you give presents on your birthday. That way you also get them all year round.

I am particularly pleased because in over 3 years of blogging at Beautiful Railway Bridge nobody has ever given me an award. Did I mind? No, ever so ‘umble, me. But to be suddenly recognised has put the spring back into Beautiful Railway Bridge’s girders, and I think we’re good for at least another hundred years before blowing down in a gale and causing great loss of life.

Remember, you too may be so honoured, simply by visiting Dotty’s blog and embracing your inner mentalness. You know it makes sense.

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