Worry not. I am upgrading to Twenty Eleven, the latest standard theme of WordPress, which seems to offer more possibilities of customisation. Unfortunately there are some unintended consequences. Bear with me – If I can’t get it how I like it, we’ll be back to Twenty Ten before the day is out. As always, feedback is welcome.

Hours later…Think I can live with this. Quite like the font, even though it looked a bit skinny to begin with, but it’s grown on me. What I really wanted was American Typewriter. Still have to beef up the font colour to a proper black by adding html code to each post. Grey is far too tasteful.

The downside is that the theme puts a border round images, including my signature bear at the bottom of each post. I can get round it by designating a post as “Image,” but it appears differently on the blog and sets up an artificial distinction between words and images. So rather than see my inner bear caged, I will remove it from the posts by and by – let it roam free in the woods. If there was another way of making a small post signature without a border, I’d do it. If there are any Twenty Eleven users out there who know how, please let me know.

Now then, new posts beckon. Allons-y!

2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I think it looks great! I was going to change mine but couldn’t really find one which seemed right, so I just changed what I already had and like it better! I like the simplicity of this one – and the font.

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