6 thoughts on “Daily Video: Well it’s obvious, isn’t it?

  1. Ha ha ha… love it. What I rather worry about though is that the bloke doing the talking might actually mean what he’s saying? I don’t know who he is probably because I’m neither American nor religious… Please tell me he’s taking the piss too? Pleeese?

    • Worry not. Edward Current is a superb satirist – take a look at his work on YouTube. He’s so convincing, some Christians think he’s for real. That said, he is using arguments that are common currency among Christian fundamentalists.

      • Phew! well, yes, that’s why he’s so convincing, I am sure i have heard the like for real, though without the accompanying amusing images, and I could quite believe that the satirist had taken an existing Christian diatribe and put the pictures to it…
        Sadly satire is often wasted on the people who need it most. My partner spent some years working in the United Arab Emirates and was pleased to have imported ‘The Life of Brian’ to a few colleges. Sadly most of those in question thought it was hilarious because it satirized Christianity and missed the point that it actually satirizes most organized religions…

      • Interesting. I thought Muslim colleges would ban The Life of Brian, but if they see it as anti-Christian satire that makes all the difference. Presumably if Graham Chapman had played Muhammad, the Christians would the ones having a good laugh.

        Have you seen the Jesus and Mo cartoons – I’m guessing they offend both Muslims and Christians. The barmaid always wins the argument: https://beautifulrailwaybridgeofthesilverytay.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/jesus-and-mo-storm-in-a-beer-mug/.

  2. Hilarious! no, I hadn’t seen them before 😀
    …oh, and no, Life of Brian probably wouldn’t get banned in the UAE until somebody explained it from an atheist point of view. It wouldn’t make it into Saudi of course! The UAE is a bit more Muslim Lite. I remember one time I was in the UAE and a film called something like ‘Constantin’ was playing… finally… It had been shown and then pulled on account of portraying God. But then somebody explained the plot and that that fellow was actually the Devil and that God didn’t make an actual on-stage appearance. So that was ok and it went back on. Minus any scenes involving nudity or sex, of course, regardless of how much that might disrupt the narrative… Odd country 😀

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