Daily Photo: Floating Gin Palace

This piece of nautical bling fetched up in Campbeltown harbour last week, obviously fresh out of the box with that new boat smell. Nobody on board except crew, as far as I could see, so perhaps it was here taking on supplies. I am an unashamed inverted snob when it comes to boats – the older and more decrepit the better. But I experienced a sort of epiphany that day. Even if the owner is a bloated plutocrat – and he or she would need a few million lying around to buy this – it is a beautiful piece of design. I can’t help but admire the sleek lines of this wannabe ocean liner. My moral values are clearly crumbling. Oh, it’s called Stargazer.

I found this YouTube clip to finish with – a reminder of the perils of gin, and by extension, floating gin palaces.

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