Less Is More

You might have noticed the sidebar’s had a haircut. It’s been growing ever since I started this blog over 3 years ago – that long? – and become thoroughly tangled and unmanageable. So it was due for a rethink, particularly since I couldn’t find a proper place for links to pseudopods of Beautiful Railway Bridge. I’ve kept the culled sidebar items in case I want them again, and will use some of them in pages of their own.

You’ll notice 2 icons near the top – Beautiful Railway Bridge @ Blogger and ditto @ G+. The first goes to a gallery of my art and photographs, and the second to a page at Google+, where I’ll also post them and other related stuff. In addition, further down the sidebar is a Google+ icon that links to my usual G+ posts.

This is a sort of mental preparation for tomorrow, when I must tackle laundry and clean the flat. I will be mostly offline, just posting the usual Blasphemy for the Day and a photo.

Back on Monday with some proper posts. See you then.

3 thoughts on “Less Is More

  1. I like it! I just have the basic wordpress at the moment… do you have the upgraded one? I ‘m finding it difficult to organize my page as I want it and I’m wondering whether I should upgrade. I very much like your new look!

    • Thanks Lois! It really does feel like having a good haircut. I still have the basic WordPress and beginning to feel a little frustrated at what I can’t do. Let’s compare notes – I’m going to take another look at the possibility of an upgrade.

      • Me too… I need more media space too. It implies that you can upgrade from $18 a year… which is pretty good… but I’m going to look at all the upgrades… I’m also considering making it into a web-page

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