Book Spine Poem: My First Spoem

I stole the idea of book spine poems from Karen B. Nelson, who has a lot of good ideas for stretching the writing muscles. As you can see, I made a proper pig’s ear of it, while demonstrating that I can’t draw either. Photographing books is not easy if you want the titles to stand out. But watch out for more, because they’re addictive. I might even take specific books out of the library just because they make a good poem.

I’m calling them spoems, since they deserve a name of their own. Here is the text, followed by my photo.

My First Spoem

Watership down the crow road
This is your heart of darkness
Master Georgie
The secret history
A spaceship built of stone
Losing you

Dedicated to my Muse and Spirit Guide, William McGonagall, who I channeled for the occasion.

13 thoughts on “Book Spine Poem: My First Spoem

    • I think so. The more fun you can have with language, the more words become alive and people more creative. Instead of using them as a blunt utilitarian tool. I like the way it turned out, even if it is faux profundity. Scribbler upstream has unmasked my pretensions.

    • I must confess to having only read Watership Down, Heart of Darkness, and Master Georgie out of the stack. The rest are in the queue. Spoems are fun, an exercise in photography as much as language, with the potential for an architecture of books to enhance the poem.

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