5 thoughts on “ArtyFakts: Full Fathom Five

  1. I like this one very much. The title sets the mind going in two directions at once, and the ArtyFakt serves as a counterpoint. Even the syncopations of the waves/colours/surfaces provide a restful and meditative space: it’s a lovely elegy, like yesterday’s post.

    • Thank you. I felt sure you’d pick up on the elegaic aspect. It was an unsettling experience putting together the component collages, composed of crops of wood, water, and the metal decking from fishing boats. I intended something painterly and decorative – what I got was my dad on his deathbed. There’s a figure in the collage that strongly suggests someone laid out on a bed, with the cover drawn up to his chest. Or perhaps that’s just the patterns I see. Makes you wonder about the subconscious impulse in the seemingly random actions that produced it – like taking particular photos, cropping them in certain ways, and so on. Did I secretly intend to evoke my dad?

      This whole artyfakt thing started out as a bit of fun. Now I seem to be tapping into something more primal.

  2. Yes, I saw the figure, but the title alerted me. Also, I’m not sure I can express my ideas about elegy well, but I’ll try: nostalgia, which must necessarily belong to the expression of grief/regret, is such a dynamic mood (emotion?) that one experiences, I think, not only the extremes (pain/love) we often associate with it. Instead, it taints us in a positive way, as in your work here. As you can tell, it’s the mode that affects me most and about which I hope ponder for a long time.

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