Beautiful Railway Bridge Grows a Pseudopod – Hurrah!

I spent a large part of the day building an archive for the growing collection of ArtyFakts. I’ll still post them here, but you will find the collection at Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay @ Blogger. Well, not immediately – only one post so far – and it will take a while to get everything moved in. The Blogger address is the old home of this blog, with which I got so irritated that I went off in a snit. Even as I fixed it up for the new occupants, I was getting irritated again with what it can’t or won’t do, though it works well for images. I like the template a lot.

As for navigation, there’s an ArtyFakts icon on the sidebar that takes you there, and a Beautiful Railway Bridge @ WP icon to return. The icon here is not well-placed, partly because the sidebar is such a shambles – the blog just grew and now the sidebar is sprawling all over the place with not much logic to it. That’s the trouble with cleaning one part of something, the rest looks shabby by comparison. I’ll be having a rethink about what to keep and where to place it.

So please visit Beautiful Railway Bridge’s more salubrious brother, the Jekyll to this blog’s Hyde. Any constructive feedback or thoughts about either blog will be welcome.

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