3 thoughts on “ArtyFakts: The Returning Furnace

  1. I need help with this one. I’ve already done my head-tipping thing, when I resemble a dog trying to decode speech.

    • Not very satisfied with this one, or the title. It’s a red metal post standing in a reservoir above Campbeltown, beautifully pitted and rusted. The idea was to crop it right down to the object itself, leaving no context, and show the textures, colours and patterns. But I probably should dialled down the HDR – it’s bit in-yer-face. Stuck for a title so I thought of the corrosion as the returning furnace since it came out of one to be born as an object. Only that doesn’t work, because with the HDR it’s the corrosion-free painted surface that suggests fire. I have overthunk, and the title fails on all levels. Possibly also the image.

      On the other hand, I’ve only been doing this a month and it feels good to be learning what doesn’t work.

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