7 thoughts on “ArtyFakts: Richard of York

  1. I guess it was my turn for the morning guffaw. (I’m not quite sure how non-cartoon characters do that, but I think I did a good imitation.)

    • If I can help somebody, then my living shall not be in vain…Must ask because I’m not sure if people will know, and it might be a stupid question, but what do you think they are?

      • Honestly, I don’t know, but they reminded me of the petri dish art I’ve seen recently (g+). What I thought you’d ask is which York I had in mind.

      • I only had the one York in mind – Richard of York gained battles in vain (ROYGBIV) – the mnemonic for the colours of the spectrum, which this is supposed to represent in a clockwise manner.

        I’ll tell you what the objects are if you ask.

  2. Sheesh; gave me the teenagerish giggles for a moment. A-herrrm. Ok, I had the right York. Now I’ll beg: please tell me? It’s hard to squash my curiosity today.

    • Good stuff. I’ve been wanting tell the secret. They’re my eyes, from photos taken by the optician at the last exam. Each one pointing left, right, up, down, then the 8 images superimposed to create a single image. That’s why they’re sort of symmetrical. I reproduced it using HDR and different tints to construct the collage.

      • Wow. Tres cool. What a brilliant idea.

        I have a cd of my wonked-out eyes (too much car accident): they appear to be attempting the mambo.

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