ArtyFakts: Shop Window Confusion

I was in Oban yesterday and took this photo of Argyll Square reflected in a shop window, with which I am chuffed pink.

It occurred to me that if a reflected image is a visual confusion, then a photo of a reflected image is a manufactured visual confusion. So why not add insult to injury and maximise the confusion in a collage? The result makes my eyes go doolally, and I get ghost images when I look away. A confusion too far?

3 thoughts on “ArtyFakts: Shop Window Confusion

    • That profound an effect? I didn’t realise art was so powerful. I give you free will – eat the brains of those whose brains you wish to eat.

      I just read your article on Native American spirituality – very interesting and knowledgeable about a subject most of us learned from Westerns. I’d like to reblog it for my Blasphemy for the Day feature, but can’t cue it up until tomorrow. I’m looking for alternative points of view and people who actually know what they’re talking about.

      • Thank you for my freedom, and for your kind comments. Please do reblog. I am flattered.

        And seriously, great work here. I like the collage, even if it did steal my free will.

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