ArtyFakts: Adventures in Language

Hereby hangs a tale. I must have passed by this door at my local T***o – they said not to mention their name – hundreds of times. Today the absurdity of a door being alarmed hit me, and I could imagine the artyfakt. There was a big wire trundly thing full of milk in front of it, which I didn’t want to alarm the poor wee door any further by moving. In any case, **s*o is funny about people taking pictures in their stores. Each of the 3 staff I spoke to wanted to know why, and my explanation evidently did not compute with anyone. My request went up the chain of command to a supervisor, who agreed as long as I didn’t mention they were *e*c*. So that was alright.

5 thoughts on “ArtyFakts: Adventures in Language

  1. Again, awesome. One of my brothers and I used to joke about the “Historical Marker” signs along highways here in the U.S. and jokingly referred to them as Hysterical Crayons.

  2. this is just an example of what i love so much about your blog. your recent post about them not leaving enough room for the “e” is another. i come back to this one often tho. it makes me laugh. funny you should mention blake. he was one of my favorites as a child. in may before i fell ill, i had planned on getting a tattoo modeled after his visual work. i will get it, eventually, when i am well again. i have lived in many places. never seattle. but others. some big. some small. where i live now is on the smaller side, but not what some Americans pseudo-affectionately refer to as a podunk. i don’t think it would matter much, given how confined i am. cabin fever would be a constant issue even in the most open and spacious of places.

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