ArtyFakts: Jubilee

An experiment in different ways of presenting an image. The flags are left over from the Diamond Jubilee last month, duct-taped onto the street lamps bordering Kinloch Green. Probably left over from the Silver Jubilee, judging by the frayed edges. I got some fairly grainy photos – an overcast day and the flags were too high up for real detail – which I then cropped to show just the flags. So, not brilliant photos. But with the magic of HDR and a collage…

The first is just the image, and the second adds 7 words (one for each flag) and a black border.

2 thoughts on “ArtyFakts: Jubilee

  1. Quite coincidentally, there were the same number of words in the phrase as there were flags, so it seemed like the perfect tag to use. It was a leap of faith to start working on the frankly crappy original photos, but I’m pleased with the result. Like making a tasty meal out of unappealing leftovers.

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