Poet McGonagall’s Day Off

It went swimmingly. I slept for 12 hours and got up at noon. Had a leisurely breakfast, during which I ate and tasted the food, rather than stuffing my face while staring at a computer screen. Watched a Doctor Who episode on iPlayer (no TV license so I had to, and anyway it’s more convenient). Then out to take photos in Campbeltown, behaving like a complete and utter grockle, despite having lived here for over 2 years. I’d never properly looked at the wee toon before, and discovered delightful bits all over the place.

After 209 photos, and several hours walking, I felt bit shagged out and went home. I ventured onto the computer just long enough to upload them and start cropping the interesting ones. Pea and ham soup with red kidney beans for dinner, followed by fish fingers and custard, the dessert of Time Lords.  What else? Some quiet reading time, and when there wasn’t anything obvious to do, I reconfigured the beating heart of Beautiful Railway Bridge by rescuing a desk hutch from dust and dead paper. Now it’s doing something useful. Much longer, I’d have re-invented the wheel and built a scale model of the Starship Enterprise out of match sticks. Projects for another Sunday.

I got a lot done, with more pleasure than when I’m driving myself with self-imposed tasks, or responding frantically to the demands of the blog and social media. Definitely an epiphany. I am struck while writing this, how much being focused on a computer restricts our awareness of the larger world – the contrast between this and my wide-eyed ramble through town yesterday is stark. So I plan to make it a weekly holiday, cue up Blasphemy for the Day on Saturday, and let Sunday be a real day of rest.

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