Postcard Poem: Acrostic

I’m not entirely sure this works. The idea is to superimpose one of my poems on a blah and touristy photo of Campbeltown. The inspiration is the series of postcard poems I posted earlier in the year. Is the text too difficult to read, and is the fact it covers up details of the photo a problem? The photo is meant to be a bit naff.

I’d welcome some constructive feedback. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Postcard Poem: Acrostic

  1. Good poem. Briefly, I think the composite could be improved by creating a gradient under the text (in Photoshop or another image editing application) which darkens the background on the left of the image. It won’t kill the photo but the text will be enhanced. Just a thought.

    • Thanks, poetmcgonagall. I worried I sounded pushy. I always err on the side of readability when it comes to text in a design. Very difficult concept for some designers to grasp, if you look at advertising today. I like the acrostic!

      • Thank you, Catherine. Don’t feel bad, I did ask for advice. I’m getting hooked on the idea of combining text and image, so any tips are helpful.

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