New MacBook

Last week my 4 year old MacBook went doolally. So I bought another (reconditioned) 4 year old MacBook with twice the RAM, a more current OS, and a DVD drive that’s not all bent out of shape and unusable from overheating. I love these machines and will stick with them until Apple produces anything better. And they’re black. Black is cool.

(Of course, the old MacBook has been almost trouble-free since I ordered the new one…)

It arrived this morning. So while the new kid is getting its software updated – it could take a while – here is a photo essay on the joys of unwrapping a new (reconditioned) computer.

The Box Has Landed.

Bubble wrap! Hours of fun and amusement.

Couple of scratches on the base – no big deal.

Top – almost perfect.

Keyboard and screen – almost perfect. Slight scuff on left side, scarcely noticeable.

Sibling rivalry.

That’s all for now. Have to get the new MacBook feeling like home. I might be gone some time.

2 thoughts on “New MacBook

  1. Yes I am. Grinning from ear to ear. I hadn’t realised how geriatric the old laptop was. Don’t have to pound on the keys anymore and the screen colour is so much brighter. I will use the old one for crunching SETI data in retirement.

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