Hannibal Lecter is eating your brains…

I always knew on an intuitive level that multitasking makes you stupid, and here is the data behind it. The dopamine release, as I click quickly from one task to another, explains why I can spend hours on the internet without doing anything really useful. YouTube alone, even when I start with the purest of intentions to find a clip for a blog post, is the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. That said, this infographic tends to the sensational, as least as much as me conflating excessive internet usage with providing a tasty snack for Hannibal the Cannibal. I can see the Daily Mail headline now – Using the internet gives you Alzheimers! Sound advice, though, and always remember that tafelmusik aids the digestion.

Digital Stress and Your Brain
Via: OnlineUniversities.com

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