On social media and introspection

Catherine McCallum

I live in a remote place, which can lead to introspection. Or you can look at it another way and say that introspective people choose to live in remote places. Both apply to me.

I used to think social media was time consuming and boring. My one and only post on my first Twitter account was about the weather. I bored myself. So I cancelled my accounts and went to ground.

Several years later I’m now an aspiring author who needs a “platform”. And now I’m back on the same ride, but with a difference. In the meantime I’ve discovered some really good blogs and I’ve learnt from them to simply write about things that interest me in the hope of finding a few like-minded people out there. It’s enough.

So here I am.

Cartoonist and author Roz Chast made the funniest comment on social media I’ve seen, in this cartoon from…

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