Jon Gnarr: Mayor of Reykjavik

I wrote a year ago about my fascination with Iceland, and the extraordinary victory of the Best Party in winning control of Reykjavik City Council in 2010. See the blog post here. Hard economic decisions had to be made, and the Best Party is no longer the warm, fuzzy alternative choice, but the less popular incumbent. Whatever else happens, though, they produced the best ever feel good campaign video.

Jon Gnarr is an actor and comedian turned politician, so I was interested to find this 2011 interview on Inside City Hall, an American talk show. An intriguing look at the confluence of entertainment, satire, alternative politics, and the exercise of real power.

Still haven’t managed to get to Iceland. Would anyone like to offer me a job over there?

3 thoughts on “Jon Gnarr: Mayor of Reykjavik

  1. Jon Gnarr is one of my favourite Icelandic comedians but I found the Gnarr video which is about his mayoral campaign disappointingly unfunny. But, as usual, Iceland is ahead of the rest of us in who they elect to office….

    • Your blog is making me drool. Haven’t seen the actual film about the mayoral campaign yet, though I loved that bit where he pretends the Best party is dropping out of the race. Iceland definitely seems to march to the beat of a different drum, and it sounds like my kind of country. You can add the Scottish flag to your visitor list if you like. Do you mind if I copy the idea?

      • I had high expectations for the film having made the mistake of watching parts of it on Icelandair (apparently the only funny parts), then waiting months to see the whole thing. Anyway, generally he is hilarious and I’m sure when they were making this documentary they weren’t aware of what a big audience it would ultimately have.
        The flag counter is from which you can add as a widget to your blog- you then customise to show how many flags you want to show, etc. I got that before WP started showing how many hits per country. Flag counter is how many unique visitors per country. Anyway, I wish I’d had both trackers back when I started!

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