Happy Birthday, W.B. Yeats

147 today. I had forgotten, reminded only by coming across Grouse and Dale. To make amends, here is the most perfect of his poems.

A Coat

I made my song a coat
Covered with embroideries
Out of old mythologies
From heel to throat;
But the fools caught it,
Wore it in the world’s eyes
As though they’d wrought it.
Song, let them take it,
For there’s more enterprise
In walking naked.

– W.B. Yeats

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, W.B. Yeats

  1. When I went to Ireland last year I went to the town where this statue is, Sligo– very cool place — primary reason I went is that my ancestors came from there but the Yeats stuff was definitely a bonus. There’s a picture of me in front of the statue somewheres.

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