Feed Your Head

I was just watching a rebroadcast of one the BBC Arena programmes, the one about polymath Jonathan Miller. He has long been one of my heroes, and it reminded me of his 1966 television version of Alice in Wonderland, by another hero of the imagination, Lewis Carroll. I have vague memories of seeing it, but that could be because in those trippy times it was something I would have seen. After all, I took to heart the message of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit. Just don’t remember any details. In other words, it could be a false memory, like believing you were at Woodstock. Except that even if you weren’t there in body, every hippy worth his or her salt was there in spirit.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet and the special dispensation of YouTube, it was the work of a moment to track down the full length version. I haven’t seen it yet, but I know I’m going to love it. May you be blessed with a similar happiness.

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