Another graphic British public information film, warning children of the dangers of playing on farms. Apaches was made in 1977, the same year as The Finishing Line, which warned them against playing on railway lines. Like The Finishing Line, it engages its target audience by entering the minds of the children, as their Apache gang plays in what tuns out to be a lethal environment. These films deserve respect because they co-opt the children’s imagination to let them see the real consequences of stupidity, rather than pontificating from on high about the dangers. As a genre, they’re both artful and effective.

2 thoughts on “Apaches

  1. I remember seeing this film in the late 70’s/early 80’s. It was at a get-together of families who had adopted children through the Church Adoption Society (one of my siblings is adopted). I was one of the older kids there and found it pretty shocking, it must have scared the heck out of the younger ones. Who’s bright idea it was to entertain the kiddies with this movie must have been crazy. Maybe that’s why we never went to any other such gatherings.

    • Maybe an own goal as far as the Church Adoption Society goes, but it seems to have scared the crap out of the kids. Job well done. It’s interesting to hear the experience of someone who actually saw the film. I wasn’t part of the target demographic, so I can only approach it from the viewpoint of an adult.

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