The Interesting Thoughts of Edward Monkton

Edward Monkton is actually one of the personae of Giles Andreae. The other one is Purple Ronnie. But let’s stick with Edward Monkton for now, or things will get too confusing. The Interesting Thoughts of Edward Monkton is a website devoted to Monkton’s quirky (or eminently sane) view of the world.

Monkton is a poet and artist who has taken his skills in an entirely new direction – the world of greeting cards. Not unlike William McGonagall, who arguably became the world’s first performance poet. The resemblance ends there, because Monkton is very good at what he does. To have single-handedly rescued these poor, abused bits of cardboard from the sentimentalists, sadists, appalling poets and the terminally unfunny is an accomplishment approaching, if not holding hands with, genius.

These deceptively simple, absurdly positive and cheerful thoughts hit you like a tab of acid. You trust this man when he says:

These drawings would like to be your FRIENDS. Use them for INSPIRATION. There is no corner of LIFE into which they cannot shine the bright torch of INSIGHT.

Trust these drawings. They will not LET YOU DOWN.

Such is the REDEMPTIVE and INSPIRATIONAL power of these THOUGHTS that I am even prepared to forgive Giles Andreae for being best friends with David Cameron at Eton. It’s a mucky job but someone had to do it.

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