The Singing Detective: Pitter Patter (5/6)

The Singing Detective: Skin (1/6)
The Singing Detective: Heat (2/6)
The Singing Detective: Lovely Days (3/6)
The Singing Detective: Clues (4/6)
YouTube: Skin (1/6), Heat (2/6), Lovely Days (3/6), Clues (4/6), Pitter Patter (5/6)
BBC Series

I said last week that it looked as if Marlow (Michael Gambon), afflicted with crippling psoriasis, was ready to face his demons. And so he does. The divisions within his psyche – childhood memories, the internal screenplay based on his novel, The Singing Detective, and present reality – are beginning to merge together until he gets a glimpse of the psychological drivers of both his misogyny and chronic psoriasis.

At this moment I am a bear of very little brain. A blow by blow account of this episode seems pointless, given the beautiful, free-flowing nature of the narrative, and I don’t think I’m bringing anything to it by doing so. I just want to enjoy it, and hope you do as well. The YouTube link is at the top of the page for those without iPlayer, or those who live abroad.

Next week I’ll write an overall, wrap-up post for the whole series.

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