Blasphemy for the Day: Richard Dawkins vs Rowan Williams Debate

A new feature in response to the BBC’s Thought for the Day, for that blessed day of rest, Sunday. You don’t have to be a believer to enjoy a day of rest.

Not so much blasphemy, more a game of two halves, as someone famously said about football. Though not famously enough for me to know who it was. This is a heavyweight bout between two champion contenders in the field of religious belief and unbelief. On the right is that Godless Heathen and Militant Atheist, Richard Dawkins. On the left is the Archbishop of Canterbury and winner of the Best Ecclesiastical Beard Contest, 2011, Rowan Williams. Apparently they’re good friends outside the ring. The event, sponsored by the University of Oxford, was held at the Sheldonian Theatre on February 23rd.

This is a treat for me – haven’t seen the video yet – and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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