Thought for the Day

This is my version of the BBC’s Sunday radio programme, Thought for the Day. They still refuse to allow secular voices, even though it’s billed as “Religion & Ethics,” and presumably atheists are allowed to have ethics. Or perhaps not. Anyway, I think the video below is prime Thought for the Day material.

I lived for 20 years in Seattle in Washington State. It has always seemed the best and most liberal place in a country I’ve never really understood – a place where extremes of sentimentality and barbarism can sometimes mix in the same people and groups. Not surprisingly, Republicans and those further to the right are not my flavour of the milennium. The thought that one of the venomous dunderheads running for president could make decisions on a national and international level is truly appalling.

On Wednesday, Washington State passed a Gay Marriage Bill. Obviously, as a liberal (in American terms), I’m delighted that what I came to think of as my home state has passed such a progressive measure. It makes me proud.

More than that. This video of a Republican State Representative talking about voting with her conscience to pass the bill is extremely moving. I feel slightly ashamed of my tribal knee-jerk responses. Maureen Walsh is a woman of honour, part of the pride I feel in Washington and its people.

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