Horrible Histories Big Prom Party 2011

What could be better than Horrible Histories, CBBC’s brilliant sketch show series that makes learning history a hoot?  Horrible Histories at the Proms, of course.  This inspired combination of silliness, real knowledge, and great music took place on New Year’s Eve, and I’ve just watched it on iPlayer.

What can I say?  It had many of the favourites from the series, such as the Gorgeous Georges, Horrible Henry (the VIII), the much-maligned Richard III, a boogy-woogy Stone Age caveman, that famous party animal, Charles II, Queen Victoria, and the irresistible Cleopatra in the video clip above.  Not just on stage, either.  This being television, there were a few tasty vignettes backstage as well.

All backed by a children’s choir in HH teeshirts and interspersed with orchestral music.  Utter bliss.  I’ve got a thing about the Proms in general and the Royal Albert Hall in particular.  This staunch republican socialist feels a swelling of emotion in his throat and tears coming to his eyes at the thought of them in conjunction.  Perhaps part of the reason is that I’ve never been fortunate enough to go to a Proms concert there, much less the Last Night.  Very disturbing.

It’s still on BBC iPlayer.  If you haven’t seen it yet, jump at the chance. And if you want to see all 10 songs from Series 3, they’re here.

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