Chucky Goes To Church

I bought this thing at a charity shop for 10p last year.  Can’t think what possessed me.  Part of it was amazement that anyone could produce an object like this of their own free will.  What were they thinking?  The other part is how filthy it is.  Looks like someone threw it into the corner of a basement and left it to marinate in the dirt and dust.

There’s something feral about the vertical mouth, presumably singing or chanting.  No chin, just a shallow depression below the nose, where the mouth takes centre stage.  And the eyes, framed by black brows!  As if trying to mesmerize its audience.

Most bizarre of all, the creature is dressed as a choirboy.  Possibly it’s clutching an oversized Bible, or maybe the Necronomicon, but the other hand seems to be holding a spout of some sort.  So it could also be a hip flask, or a jerry can full of petrol.

I can’t imagine anyone producing it by accident, through sheer ineptitude.  I think it’s saying:

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

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