Dennis Potter on Rupert Murdoch

I just rediscovered this video clip of the playwright, Dennis Potter, giving Rupert Murdoch a good and well-deserved kicking back in 1994.  Potter was dying of cancer, and he only had a few months to live, but he used his last energies to fight for artistic freedom against the “pollution” represented by Murdoch.  Now seems the perfect time to air it again.  It’s a pity the wrong people die before their time.

Oh, and he named his cancer, “Rupert.”

Update 16/7/11: Morfoubey has the full interview in his post on Dennis Potter.

2 thoughts on “Dennis Potter on Rupert Murdoch

  1. Brilliant. This whole interview is not only intensely moving but it demonstrated a political acumen and prescience which in these days of News Corps/police/political corruption we should be reminded that Dennis Potter saw the lot. The clarity of his spoken word, the clarity of his thought, the clarity of his purpose is astonishing.

    And thanks for posting this, together with an introduction to a most interesting blog. I very much like its whole composition and tenor.

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