I haven’t posted for a while.  A black dog came visiting – in fact it’s still here, but I can now push past it to get to the blog.  The phrase is really an insult to black dogs in particular and animals in general, since they are blameless and it’s a human thing to find no pleasure or purpose in life.  This blog is something of a lifeline, by which I hope to climb back onto my twig.  Difficult for a bear in hibernation mode.

So what better subject than bananas, which have just the right aura of absurdity to bring a smile back to my face.  This is Ray Comfort, the Christian evangelist, extolling the humble fruit as an aid to understanding Intelligent Design.  A fine reductio ad absurdum argument with Pythonesque overtones, though clearly not intended to produce that effect.  I bet Cleese & Co. wish they’d thought of it first.

Should you actually be convinced by the video that the banana is the Work of God, here’s a video explaining why it’s not.

Not nearly so entertaining.  To make amends, here’s Ray Comfort’s voice with some completely different footage.

On the other hand, what if I’m wrong?  Here’s the real atheist nightmare.

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