Fejes String Quartet

The Fejes String Quartet were the guest artists at the Kintyre Music Club this evening in Campbeltown.  The monthly meetings take place in the hall at the back of the Lorne and Lowland Church.  This is only my second time there, and I’m sorry I didn’t discover them sooner.

The string quartet played Mozart’s Quartet in D minor, followed by an astounding piece by Bartok, the String Quartet No. 3. The utter, joyful modernity of it made me yearn for Seattle and the delights of the big city.  Then, after the break, the String Quartet in G minor, Op. 10, by Debussy.  That got me going, too, imagining warm star-filled nights in Provence.  Not surprising, really, given the icy, stinging rain outside and general dourness of Campbeltown at this time of year.  It struggles not to be a bit dour in the best of weathers.

The quartet were excellent.  Each piece got an explanation beforehand and they mingled during the break over the tea and biscuits.  Not that there was anywhere for them to go, what with coming on from the kitchen next door.  There was a curious mixture of concert formality and church hall informality as they took their bows, filed off into the kitchen, and popped back out again for the second round of applause.  Same thing with the two encores.

It was a treat for me.  The closest thing this atheist will ever come to a devotional act is to go to a concert and get swept away by the music.  Doesn’t happen often enough.

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