Website of the Week (25/10/10): The Official Website of the Shaggs and Dot Wiggin

I’ll be honest – I came to laugh and stayed to wonder. When Philosophy of the World came out in 1969, I was in High Hippy mode, and way too cool to have heard of the Shaggs. I must have vaguely heard of them later, because their name was floating about in my head when I googled it.

So it was with the force of revelation that I discovered their Official Web Site. They seem to be the Rock ‘n Roll equivalent of William McGonagall, the genius loci of this blog. And I love the back story. Their grandmother read their father’s palm and predicted he would marry a strawberry blonde, have two sons, and his daughters would form a musical group. When the first two predictions came true, he pulled them out of school, bought them guitars and a drum kit, and set them on the road to stardom.

Sadly, there was only one album, Philosophy of the World, since they disbanded after their father’s death in 1975. They have apparently been a cult outsider band ever since. Frank Zappa, one of my heroes (you can see an incomplete list on the Heroes Page) said they were ‘better than the Beatles.’

I’ll leave it to you to decide. But I’m hooked. The journey is just beginning.

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